Serving: 4 / Prep Time: 10 minutes / Cook Time: 10 minutes
· 2 tablespoon of clarified butter
· 4 pieces of ½ inch thick bone-in pork loin or rib
· ½ teaspoon of salt
· ½ teaspoon pepper
· 2 medium-sized acorn squash, peeled and deseeded, gently cut into eighths
· 3 tablespoon of dried sage
· ½ a teaspoon of dried thyme
· ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon
· ¾ cup of chicken broth
How To

  1. The first step here is to set your pot to Sauté mode and melt in 1 tablespoon of butter
  2. Season your chops with pepper and salt and toss them in your pot and cook for 4 minutes
  3. Transfer the chops to a plate
  4. Then, add the chops to the Instant Pot in a single layer and toss in the squash, sprinkle some thyme, sage, and cinnamon all over
  5. Pour in the broth
  6. Lock up the lid and let it cook for about 10 minutes at high pressure
  7. Quick release the pressure and transfer the chops to a plate
  8. Mound the squash around them nicely and ladle up the sauce (if any) all over the chops